Part 10 – THE STORY OF WHISTLER’S KNOLL – “A Fork in the Road!”

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Although we host over 100 events per year, we are open to the public as often as possible. We did not want to become a property where you could only visit if you paid to rent our space.
We had reached a “fork in the road.” Weddings became our core business & we realized IF we made wine, under the current restrictions we would lose all our wedding business. (Reminder: wineries must close at 9 pm & wineries cannot sell liquor.)
After many hours of difficult consideration, Whistler decides we will not make wine, and instead sell our grape crop each fall to local wineries. Now we can keep our liquor license plus stay open late. This heart wrenching decision brought wedding business back & we now have bookings into 2025.
Eventually we sold our winery equipment then turned the winery into a kitchen plus we have a restaurant license. That allows us to serve food during our Wine Down nights & Bloody “Merry” Sundays.
Here is a partial list of our upcoming events for 2024:
Tomorrow you will find out what our plans are for the future.


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