Part Four -THE STORY OF WHISTLER’S KNOLL – “Doing it Right!”😉

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Our Story | 0 comments

Before we went any further, we approached the local town board to present our dream to them. Why move forward only to find we could eventually be shut down due to non-compliance? After many additional necessary steps they held a public hearing (so neighbors had a chance to voice any concerns.) We finally were issued a “Conditional Use Permit.”
Since it takes at least 5 or more years for grapevines to mature to the point of making wine, we were able to obtain a liquor license. (& we still hadn’t begun clearing the land to begin planting the vineyard!)
We also worked with the State of WI, Department of Safety & Professional Services & learned we needed to hire an engineer to assure the structural integrity of the barn. This process took us over 3 years to finally become state inspected & a legal event barn.


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