Part Nine – THE STORY OF WHISTLER’S KNOLL – “Whistler’s Dream is CRUSHED!”

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We built a large shed to house our tractors & vineyard equipment. And a year later we needed to build an addition onto the equipment shed to accommodate more vineyard tools & hardware.
Brides & Grooms continued to book weddings & Whistler remodeled an area of the barn into a charming bride’s room. Next he “walled off” part of our warehouse & made it into the groom’s room. Both are air conditioned & super cozy. Couples loved these features for their wedding day!
FINALLY, in 2015 our vineyard had matured & Whistler was ready to begin making our first vintage of wines! He had procured winery equipment from all over the world & the winery was ready to rock! As we filled out our application with the State of WI to obtain a Winery Permit, we realized that IF we make wine, we must close at 9 pm & we could not keep our liquor license. We were never concerned about that till now because we hadn’t planned to host weddings. What a dilemma! How can we host weddings in WI & not be able to serve Old Fashioneds?
As we shared this news with couples, our wedding business began to “dry up” & we didn’t book a wedding for over 5 months!
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