Part Three – THE STORY OF WHISTLER’S KNOLL – “The Perfect Property”

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Tom was on his way home from work (13 years ago) & he noticed a tiny sign in the ditch that read: FOR SALE. This was a run down & distressed farm in the Town of Hortonia. It had been vacant for over 30 years. WOW this place was in rough shape but we felt we were up to the challenge to transform it into his dream. We made an offer on the property & our adventure began.
This is where the Grapevine Pavilion now stands.
We had to CLEAR THE LAND to plant the vineyard because the fields had become overgrown since not being farmed for over 30 years!
The out buildings as well as the barn were a SHAMBLES!
This was what now is our beautiful Bridal Suite!
Front of Barn from Highway AFTER Whistler spent months removing brush & dead trees!


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