Part Two – THE STORY OF WHISTLER’S KNOLL – “Winery in his Basement”

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Whistler had been making wine in his home for many years. He actually turned part of the basement of our home in Greenville into a “HOBBY WINERY” complete with a temperature controlled fermentation room, bottling area, & wine cellar. When people have REAL DREAMS, they eventually have to act on them to make their dreams come true. He began to study both Viticulture (the cultivation of grapevines), & Enology (the science that deals with wine & wine making) through University of CA Davis, Cornell University, & the University of Missouri with hopes of someday starting his very own vineyard & winery. Stay tuned tomorrow for Part Three!

Bottling Plum Wine
Carboys in the temperature controlled Fermentation Room
More bottling & my job is to sample!


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