Terms and Conditions.

Hours Available

Our venue is available for rental during the hours of 10:00 am until 11:00 pm.  Because of local zoning, beverage service must end at 10:00 pm, and music must end at 10:30 pm.  (no exceptions.) Also, we are located in a residential area and are committed to being a good neighbor.

Carry Ins / Beverages

“Carry in” beverages of all types ARE NOT ALLOWED.   We impose a fine against your event for non compliance because we risk loosing our license.   All guests must drink responsibly.



Children under the age of 12  must be supervised at all times.   In addition, because of State of WI Liquor Laws, you must be 21 years old to enter our barn or be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian.



Service animals are permitted with advanced permission.


You will be charged for damage caused to the gardens or property by either children or adults.  Guests should be respectful of our property and gardens which includes all mulched areas.


Smoking (including “vaping”)  is prohibited on the property with the exception of a smoking area.  If cigarette butts are strewn throughout the property and gardens, there will be a $100 clean up fee.

Decorating and Candles

You are welcome to use candles on your tables in the Grapevine Pavilion.  Candles are not allowed in our barn.  Please do not decorate our bars because it gets in the way of serving your guests. We no longer allow you to hang anything from our  ceilings because it causes damage to our festoon lighting. Please no glitter, as it is very difficult to clean up.  You are welcome to use real flower petals in our vineyard during your ceremony, but no artificial petals because our chickens eat them and they get very sick.